James Jung, Founder/CEO

James is very interested in supporting startups to succeed in global market and wants everyone to have a same opportunity to work with global business partners. And loves soccer, music and democracy.
Jinju Jeon, VP/Editor

Jinju is VP of beSUCCESS, also she is Director of beGLOBAL, which is Asia’s biggest startup­tech conference owned by beSUCCESS. In 2013, She joined the team as an Korean Startup’s analyst. S he takes charge of the region of South­East Asia, Seoul and US.S outh­East Asia, Seoul and US. She loves love, freedom, Newsjunky, bitcoin. A little bit nerd. Ash Wednesday!
Elise Shin, Writer

A contributing writer for beSUCCESS Media, I am mainly interested in tracking growth of startups in Korea and gaining investor insights. After graduating from Yale in 2013 with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and Economics, I have worked as an operations manager for a fashion label before starting an education consulting company.
Kyeyoung Shin, Writer

Kyeyoung is interested in the relationship between government policy and entrepreneurship. Recently, his main focus has been the spread of shared economy start-ups and the development of regulations on those start-ups. Kyeyoung is currently based in California, US.
Justin Lee, Writer

Justin Lee is an experienced engineering professional; pundit in startups with background in technical research and development. In addition to his engineering career, a personal fascination with Korean startups has led to his involvement in the setup of a regional (Australia) office for a well­known Korean media copy protection company and also continues as the ‘Sales and Technical Director’ of a Korean automotive light development and manufacturing company. Justin continues to look for opportunities to assist Korean startups with launching Australian operations by communicating his knowledge of the local markets and regulations.
Joonoo Park, Writer

Seongwoo Kim, Developer

I'm working on beSUCCESS website and mobile site. I always try to do my best for providing good experiences to users.
Eunse Lee, Contributor

Eunse Lee is a Co­founder and a Special Partner at ELEVEN:ZULU CAPITAL, a Los­Angeles­based venture capital firm, which invests in early stage companies. Prior to his career as an investor, Lee was a management/strategy consultant at a firm he founded and led multiple cross­border projects in the industries such as ICT, Service, Automotive and FMCG. He is also a visiting professor of business strategy and entrepreneurship at Yonsei University and Yonsei School of Business MBA in Seoul, Korea, and an advisor to a number of Korean Government agencies and startups.
Hanjong Lee, Contributor

Han jong Lee is a Seoul based entrepreneur, specializing in mobile contents/platform with the core insight for smart publishing & M.C.N(multi channel network). Before co­founding KBeat, as an entrepreneurial investor & cross­border enabler, he performs investment evaluation and relationship management and strategic planning for co­production & financiers, negotiating creative right and licensing deal. With the Prime minister Citation at 2011 Korean start­up festival, Hanjong also has judge and advising experiences for small and medium business administration, Korea Institute of start­up and entrepreneurship development for 2 years. Hanjong holds a MA in film­making from London Film School, U.K.
Yeonsu Lee, Contributor

이연수는 캘리포니아 주 실리콘벨리에 위치한 상법, 이민법, 소송법 전문 로펌인 Song & Lee 로펌의 ( 파트너 변호사이다. 젊은(?) 시절 넓은 세상을 무대로 나가겠다는 꿈을 갖고 무작정 미국으로 혼자 떠났던 경험있기에, 도전과 변화를 추구하는 대한민국 Start­up의 실리콘벨리 진출을 응원한다.
Kihong Bae, Contributor

배기홍 대표는 한국과 미국의 네트워크와 경험을 기반으로 초기 벤처 기업들을 발굴, 조언 및 투자하는데 집중하고 있는 스트롱 벤처스의 공동대표이다. 또한, 창업가 커뮤니티의 베스트 셀러 도서 ‘스타트업 바이블’과 ‘스타트업 바이블2’의 저자이기도 하다. 그는 어린 시절을 스페인에서 보냈으며 한국어, 영어 및 서반아어를 구사한다. 언젠가는 하와이에서 은퇴 후 서핑을 하거나, 프로 테니스 선수로 전향하려는 꿈을 20년째 꾸고 있다.
Sangcheon Kim, Contributor

김상천 슬로그업의 영화 좋아하는 마케터. 슬로그업은 개발중심의 IT스타트업입니다. 자체서비스 개발과 외주개발사업을 하며 늘 가치있는 무언가를 만듭니다.
Sung Cho, Contributor

샌프란시스코의 모바일 보안 전문 스타트업 'SEWORKS'에서 마케팅 총괄(Head of Marketing)로 일한다. '티파니 앤 코(Tiffany & Co.)'에서 글로벌 마케팅을 담당했고, 뉴욕 대학교(New York University)에서 국제 정치와 비즈니스(International Politics and Business)로 석사 학위를 받았다. 글로벌 비즈니스에 관심과 열정을 갖고 있다. 'SEWORKS'에서 일하며 느낀 보안의 중요성을 널리 알려, 전 세계 앱 개발자들이 해킹 공격으로부터 안전해지기를 바라고 있다.