A Nostalgia game Sims Mobile – Cheats for an perfect gameplay

Follow the important tips and Cheats in Sims Mobile Game

In order to make progress, players need to follow some important tips which will help them to compete in the game for a long time. Some of the beneficial tips that players need to keep in mind are as follow:

  • Always focus equally on all the aspects related to the game whether it is the gameplay or currencies.
  • Don’t overspend the currencies because it can also create lots of currency related issues in future.
  • It is also important to complete the tutorial to learn how to play the game and also other techniques.
  • Use sims mobile hack money and cash to avail unlimited currencies and resources without doing any hard work or spending time.
  • Try to complete all the goals on time to win plenty of rewards in the form of in-game resources and currencies.
  • Complete lots of events that are offered by the game in order to earn simoleons and other currencies such as money and cash.
  • Try to build up some flirty punch lines in the game to gain relationship and LPs.

After taking all the aforesaid tips and tricks in the account, players can get progress in the game quickly without making efforts or wasting more time.

Learn The Art Of Playing Fortnite With Perfection

If you want to become a good gamer in Fortnite then this is not a piece of cake. You should always try to make efforts and also to spend proper time to play the game. The first thing that you should do is to download the game and then start playing it instantly. After downloading the game, you should decide first whether you want to play solo or with your friends. By playing the game, you can also enjoy its numerous features and interesting aspects which will also improve your gaming experience. There are different kinds of aspects present in the game such as earning resources, building the base, defending the base and much more. You should have some knowledge about each and every aspect of the game so that you can play effortlessly. Using the Fortnite Tricks and guide is also a perfect solution for the beginners to play effectively and also without doing hard work.

Different modes

You may don’t know the fact that the game has different modes with their own gameplay elements. You can choose the mode to play as according to your desire. If we talk about the most popular mode then save the world comes to the mind first. This is a fantastic mode in which players have to face the various kinds of waves of monsters. Another mode is battle royale which has multiplayer features. In this, mode, players can play the game by teaming up with other players against another team. The main motive of the team players is to kill the players of the opponent team.  This is also making the game more interesting for the game players. With the help of checking out Fortnite battle royale hack PlayStation, players can easily compete against the opponents and also get success in defeating them.  You can read out these tips on the internet and you should always remember them while playing the game in order to make progress quickly.

How to Play the Game Coin Master in 2018

Master The Skills Of Coin Master And Be Successful

Coin master is one of the most top rated games in the gaming industry. It is the one having around 10 millions of download that signifies the bright side of the game. Moon active is the developer of this game and the game is friendly with the android and IOS supported devices. Even coin master cheats have been introduced in order to cut the difficult part and let the beginners enjoy the game. Lots of people are using it and enjoying the game up to the extent.


Spinning is the key factor to generate the various resources and opportunities in the game. Well, there are limited spins offered to a single person which sets the boundaries. In order to break this foundation a smart way has introduced termed as the Coin Master Guide. It will help the person to grab free spins and enjoy playing the game.

Details regarding slot machine

In case the player manages to get the pig face in all the three slots than an opportunity is grabbed by the person for raiding. Using these features given around 3 shovels is serves to the player which can be further used to dig in the available sites. One good to know point is that only three of the four sites have the coins in it. Using the attack feature allows the gamer to randomly choose any of the player and attack and get your village upgraded with spins and coins.

In case the attack got successful then boots are offered to the player. In case the machine displays the shield in all three slots then a free shield is offered which works in accordance to protect from the player who is about to attack you. Getting the Coins and Spins will partially help at the time of raids and much more.

Why People Prefer To Use Pixel Gun 3d Cheat?

Why People Prefer To Use Pixel Gun 3d Cheat?

Have you ever heard about Pixel Gun 3d Cheat? Well, the people who are playing a shooting based game Pixel Gun 3d are well known about this tool. There are many game players who are struggling with the problems related to the shortage of in-game resources. This is really a big problem and for this, people are also not able to perform well in the game. There are much more things in the game which are only possible with the help of sufficient game resources. If you are also not able to make more currency in the game then you should think about using some cheat tools. With the help of such tools, you can earn the currency within few minutes. After this, you can use this currency for in-game purchases and many more things which also makes your game interesting and easy.

Importance of gems and coins

As you all know that gems and coins have a significant place in the game which is used for various purposes in the game. The game players can use such gems and coins in order to upgrade the guns as well as to purchase new guns. In addition to this, players can also level up their game with the help of sufficient amount of gems and coins. Such all things are only possible if you have enough game resources and everyone knows that this is not easy to earn currency in the game. For this, people need to concentrate on the game and also play every stage carefully. Most of the people are not able to attain their desired goals which are also disappointing. People can eliminate all such problems by using an effective and a genuine cheat tool that has more advanced features.

New School of Dragons Guide for Beginners!

New School of Dragons Guide for Beginners!

Have you ever played School of Dragons game? The game is already released over various platforms like Android and iOS. You must have downloaded it in your device if you have seen the movie “How to Train your Dragon”. This game is totally associated with the ishu games. Every single character has been taken from the movie itself with their super powers and skills.

School of Dragons Game

Limiting Gems

In this post, You will learn How to be professional in School of Dragons Game. There are various techniques that can be followed in order to become a pro player. First is, you can limit amount of Gems that are present in the game. Restricting those gems will help you in gaining your position in the game. If you don’t want to limit Gems then you can also use School of Dragons hack which gives you lots of benefits with no time. This is an open source hack which can be accessible in any part of the world.

Connect with Social Media

Second thing which is required the most is you can connect with the social media devices. These devices can be associated with your Android and iOS platforms as well. You can make use of Instagram, Google + account or a Facebook account in order to complete this step.

You have now seen that these two are most important parts if you are trying to be best tricks in the School of Dragons game. After following these tips, you can easily dominate any player in the world. Yes, It is true fact as well. You can repeat it as many times you want because there are no limitations at all. Finally its time to say goodbye and don’t forget to Follow this amazing guide because I know that Beginners will take much advantage of it.


What Makes Vidmate App So Special?

The name “Vidmate App” defines itself at best; it is basically a video downloader app. Still, it has a lot of different from other apps. Its special features make it unique from others. It is able to perform a lot of tasks, which cannot be performed by any other application. It can provide you the answer to your online problems. You can watch here online movies. It is filled with hundreds of Hollywood, Bollywood movies. In addition, is also providing you the option of listening music and watch popular videos.

vidmate app

Vidamte app – Enjoy HD Movies

The best part is that this amazing app is available for Android.  You can download videos from various platforms like youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook with the help of this app. A person can also download the movies, series in HD. It also provides the option to watch live TV; you don’t have to take any subscription pack for it as it is totally free. It can be easily operated in the android phones, so a person can use it anywhere and anytime. You can download movies on the go and enjoy it afterward without internet facility.

Feature of the vidmate app

This app provides the user a lot of features. Some of the best popular features are –

  • It gives the user to watch live TV; it provides the user to choose from 200 channels that they can watch on their device. They can also watch any of the series or movie. It covers the channels of each type like news, movies, cartoons, sports, music, etc.
  • A person who doesn’t have the best internet connection can download the movies with the help of this app and then late on enjoy the movie.
  • Most of the app like this is quite hard to operate, opposite to it controlling this app is much easier, it also provides the navigation to the new user.
  • You will be amazed to know that the app has the fastest download speed, unlike other apps who take a lot of time in downloading the videos and movies. It is designed in such a way that it contains a special optimized way to push the downloading speed.
  • If you are thinking that the app with so much of features must be charging a lot of money. Well, the best part is all the stuff on this app is absolutely free. All the high-quality music, video, movies are free for the user.
  • This app also provides you the option by which you can enjoy the Android app on pc. You can browse it like other websites.
  • Most of the person prefers to use torrent for downloading videos and movies, thus it provides a platform for such user to download from there.
  • This can be termed as the multiple apps; a person can download various other games, social apps, etc using this platform.

Thus if you want to grab all the benefits stated above then you must download this app. You will be getting multiple things under a single roof.

How To Earn Coins In FIFA Mobile?

There is no doubt in the fact that FIFA mobile is the most popular smartphone game which is based on football. EA Sports is the developer of this game. There are realistic graphics, easy to use interface and awesome gameplay is given. These are some of the main things behind the success of this game. Cristiano Ronaldo is on the cover and as everyone knows that Ronaldo is a well-known footballer with a huge number of fans. This game can be access to Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store without even spending a single penny. However, the game is offering in-game purchases option which means that gamers are able to spend money and alleviate their issues with ease. Well, this is a great method to assure the victory but this method isn’t suitable to everyone. So, what the better solution to eradicate problems regarding lack of coins and points? Well, FIFA Mobile Points Generator can help in sorting this out this problem without spending a single buck on the purchases. This method is quite effective than others and it can help in many ways.

Play Live Events And Trade For Players

As you know that we are telling you some of the best methods to earn coins and points so if you want to get it with ease then live events can help. These are able to provide you more coins but if you are thinking that this is easy then focus a little on the team. You need an ultimate team of good players so that you can get rid of an opponent with ease. If you are going well and earning good amount of coins then you can look forward to other methods of purchasing low and earning more. Use FIFA mobile points hack and you are able to get more points to progress with convenience.

Try to spend a little time and purchasing simple players. If you have some right players but you have them at fewer prices then this is the time to sell these on a higher price. You can earn more coins with this. Keep on doing this and getting more coins for free. This is the best FIFA Mobile hack but very few people know about this so keep on getting the benefits. If you are going well and reached level 8 then this is the right time to start a new season. You may be thinking that what can be the benefits? Well, you will get new matches, more things to do and it will help in earning more. You are also able to get XP and stamina with this method.

Also read our post on Homescapes

Make An Ultimate Team

This is true that making an ultimate team requires patience and this is really important that you spend a little time on it. As you are making an ultimate team then you need currencies to get player cards. Try to spend more on players that are good enough to make your team and improve the ranking. This is a little bit costly and if you lack in currencies then you are able to spend money and get it but don’t do this. You can use FIFA Mobile hack 2018 and get rid of every issue you are facing due to lack of currencies. This is a kind of investment because you will be making a powerful team and then you will be winning using that team. Well, this is helpful in many ways. if you are a beginner and don’t know that what to do then first of all, you need to focus on tutorials and then my team option. As you will unlock these then you are able to progress with ease using the tips we mentioned you. There are lots of gamers that are struggling due to lack of coins but very few know the best method to earn Coins. Both the resources play the vital role in becoming the best player that’s why you need to pay attention to this thing otherwise chances are high that you can end up wasting your time.

Homescapes Hack – Get Game Currency Effortlessly

The Homescapes is a game that is available on the internet for Android & iOS devices. In this particular game, players are required to renovate their house and try to make it attractive. For it, game players need to spend lots of game currency. To gather a big amount of game currency players are required to take part in some arcade levels. When you clear any level after that a bonus is given by game and bonus is game currency. Level by level more difficulties appears in front of game players. After some levels, different kind of challenges starts appearing such as; additional bricks. As the challenge becomes difficult the amount of bonus also gets high. With the help of bonus, you are able to buy numerous things to make home impressive. When you are choosing the way of levels for collection of currency at that time you need to put lots of efforts. Availing the services of Homescapes Hack is an effortless way to collect game currency. It provides completely genuine services and without getting any type of private information of users.

Things to know about best hack tool

For availing the services of hack tool you are required to access the internet first. When anyone searches for hacking service providers at that time a big list appears in his/her front. Now the biggest challenge is choosing the best tool from that list. It is a daunting task because this particular list also includes some fake tools. These types of tools are not providing services in reality but they charge money from users in advance. The best hack tool never charges any money. These particular types of tools believe in better customer service for their complete satisfaction, no in earning huge amount of money. If you are Homescapes player then you can easily avail the services of this particular tool without any type of issue.

How to get free Homescapes lives?

In the game, almost all activities depend on the arcade levels. These levels are the source to earn resources and perform different kinds of activities in game. When you are playing in arcade mode in that condition you should pay attention to lives. Lives are the chances to play the levels, whenever you failed in completing any level after that one live is deducted. There are limited numbers of lives provided by game. In case, all lives get finish then they will take some time to get replenish or to get instantly you need to spend game currency. For getting free Homescapes lives you should avail hacking services.

Updated Homescapes Gameplay:

No need to think about lives

At once you get all lives back after that you are able to try again for completing the level. The best online generator never bound the users for getting services. You are able to avail its services unlimited times. So, you are not required to think about lives or turns for playing the game. Play game freely and put your whole efforts in completing levels for better gaming profile.

Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Love is the best feeling in the whole world and it’s definitely not easy to express love in words. You are in love when it’s very hard for you to fall asleep because you know that reality is much better than dreams. Loving someone means that you care for him/her more than you do for yourself. You respect him/her and he/she is the most important person in your life.

Love Quotes

Most of the times you do not find special words to let a person know that how much you are in love with him/her. This is the time when you need love quotes for him. We have a perfect collection of love messages and quotes for you. Pick up your favorite one and let a person know about your true feelings.
Here is our collection of heart-touching love quotes:

Yes, i’m impatient, insecure and little impatient about you. I cannot share you with anyone. Love you to bits.

You know you have fallen in love with someone if you can’t sleep because your reality is much better than your dreams.

I am in love with you from the day first I saw you. I just wish to be with you all my life.

Your love has given me courage and strength to do everything. My life is associated with you. I love you so much.

There is not a perfect time or place to fall in love. Love happens accidentally and it can be felt from heartbeat.

I have fallen in love with you and you are the best part of my life for now.

Love is a condition in which you really feel for a person and his happiness is essential for you.

Love can not be seen but it can only be felt like a wind.

Love is a feeling when you care for a person more than yourself and their happiness is yours.

How to Build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 with Free Coins

How To Be Anonymous While Building Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 Using Fifa 18 Coins Hack?

Most of the people use hack tools to win in a game but most of them are traced using hack tools and banned from accessing the game account. In such condition, most of the people have to create a new account. If you are also thinking to use a hack tool for FIFA 18 and not want to be traced by the developer then there are few tips which can be effective. First of all, find the best generator which can help you avail coins. FIFA 18 Coins hack is the best one which can keep you anonymous and it will let you avail free coins with ease. This is easy to use because this tool works online and the second thing is with compatibility. The proxy feature of this tool will keep you anonymous by many ways as it comes with antiban as well and help you being anonymous while generating Free FIFA 18 coins by scraping multi anonymous proxies whole round the web which is completely safe for the user of FIFA 18 coin generator.No need to worry while using FIFA 18 coin generator whether it for the Playstation, Xbox, twitter.com , PC and as well as for the Mobile device its completely safe and you can get it For Free as well. Just generate as much of Plenty coins to get your favourite players in the Midfield , Wings, Strickers to boom in and rack up goals for You.

fifa 18 free coins generator

FIFA 18 Coin generator Attributes

  • Proxy is an SSL security feature which encrypts the data communication.
  • It also prevents others to trace you visiting this website.
  • Anti-ban is the feature which doesn’t let you get banned but do you know that how does it work. Well, it provides a kind of
  • firewall and if the user got traced then it doesn’t let them ban you. This feature starts working while molding the data of FIFA 18. This is the reason that you must try out FIFA 18 Coin generator to progress without spending money.

free fifa 18 coins

Free Fifa 18 Coins To Upgrade Teams

Coins play a significant role in winning and if you don’t want to lose in this game then make sure that you upgrade your players whenever needed. Free FiFa 18 coins are required to reveal new skills of a player. On the other hand, if you are good in tricky shoots then there is no chance that you will lose.

FIFA 18 Game Moves




9apps- Download Music, Games And Much More

9apps- Download Music, Games And Much More

Everyone knows that Smartphone is a great invention of the IT industry and people are using this for almost every activity. People are also using this to purchase anything or to spend their leisure time with great enjoyment. When we talk about Smartphone then the first thing which comes to our mind is Apps. There are more than ten million apps and everyone is crazy about such apps. Most of the people are using the android devices rather than any other kind of devices. For downloading the applications on Android devices people can also consider 9apps which is a popular app market. On this app market, users can download more than million of applications and games according to their needs and requirements. Most of the people are not using this due to the fear of their safety but they need to know about the fact that users can download anything in a safe manner.

Image result for 9apps logo


Update your installed applications with ease

It is a known fact that the developers of different apps are updating them time to time and also adding some new features to them. The users have to update their existing apps to enjoy the benefits of new features. They can easily update their applications with the help of 9apps download apk . You also don’t need to face the problems regarding any hard process because it is very simple and easy. People just need to have an android application of this app market in their phone. They can also get notified about the latest versions of the app and also can update them in just few minutes with the help of a strong internet connection. For this, you need to have an apk file of 9apps in your device so that you can install it on your devices and take the benefits.

Get variety of wallpapers and games

If you are a wallpaper lover and also like to change your wallpaper on regular basis then you must go for this particular app. With the help of this, you can easily download various wallpapers free of cost for your devices. You also have a wider choice and you can easily use any wallpaper to grab the attention of others. People can also choose the wallpapers according to the subcategories and download them in few minutes. In addition to this, there are also varieties of games available and you can download them to play in your free time. All games are also classified into different categories which help you to find the games easily and also in a convenient way. Most of the people may also fall in love with the amazing features of 9apps. Such platform also provides high downloading by which users can download anything faster as compared to the other app stores.

Moving further, Android users can download their desired applications from the above-mentioned 9apps app market without facing any problems or the signing up process. for the convenience of the users, this application supports to seven different languages.

Free Spotify Gift Card Generator

Spotify Gift Card Generator- Enjoy Premium Features

Music is called as the best thing which is helpful in changing your mood easily and there are much more benefits of it. You can use your leisure time while listening to music and there are lots of songs available but downloading is such an issue. If you are also facing issues in this thing then Spotify can help you because this is the only platform with millions of songs. You just need to download it and you are on the go but you have to purchase the subscription pack otherwise you aren’t able to listen to music. There are lots of plans available which can be purchased using a credit card and there are many premium packs but if you don’t have money for this thing then Spotify gift card generator can help you out in such conditions. With the help of this generator, people can easily get free codes and make a premium subscription for 3, 6, and 12 months.  By this, they can easily enjoy their favorite music with the premium features.

Free Spotify Gift Card Generator

Some other features of Spotify card generator

There is large number of people who are using Spotify gift card generator to avail the codes for enjoying the music on this popular music app. This generator is also one of the best options and people are using this on a wider scale due to its lot of awesome features. This tool is also an online tool which people can easily access online without downloading this in their devices. Most of the people are using the tools which need an installation or downloading process and this also create many problems for them. Such tools cover the unnecessary space in their devices which results in the slow process and many other problems. They should prefer this particular tool to acquire the Free Spotify gift card code to enjoy the features of premium packs without spending money.

What’s more to know?

If you are a music lover then surely you may also use the Spotify app for listing your favorite songs without downloading them. This is an app by which you can easily listen to the millions of songs online without making any efforts. When it comes to the matter of using this app then most of the people are desired to enjoy the benefits of a premium account on this app which is not possible without paying money. You have to pay some specific charges which may also not suit your budget which is also very disappointing. In this situation, Spotify gift card generator playing a significant role and also allow the users to avail the free gift codes for free. After this person can easily redeem such codes and take the advantages of this by enjoying the premium packs for specific time period.

In nutshell, Spotify free gift card code is the best thing by which you can easily enjoy the features of premium account without paying any charges. For availing such codes, people can prefer the above-mentioned tool which is free from all kind of charges.

Injustice 2 hack – Earn XP, Credit and Gems without Spending Money

Injustice 2 hack – Earn XP, Credit and Gems without Spending Money

Injustice 2 hack – Earn XP, Credit and Gems without Spending Money

The in-game purchases option is getting common these days and the reason is money. Every game developer wants to earn money by their products but no one spends money on the game until they need. This is the reason that developers reduced the method of earning game’s resources. Injustice 2 is a free to download and play the game but this game also offers the in-game purchases this is why there aren’t sufficient resources in the game. Well, there is no need to worry about credit and gem because some hackers managed to develop the tool which can alleviate this issue with the issue. Injustice 2 hack is able to provide you a number of required resources but there are lots of tool with the same name that’s why being selective in approach is advised.

The Need to Avoid Generator Which Requires Downloading

If you check out the best tools available online then you will get to know about the thing that most of them require downloading which is really troublesome. Only a few of them work online and doesn’t ask you to download Injustice 2 hack android APK. If you download any tool then it will get the root access and try to steal information it can. Basically, such applications try to connect to your keyboard and when you enter information like bank account and password then it uploads the server. Well, this thing isn’t safe and there are also chances of getting malicious codes.  Viruses and malware files are also the issues with such tools that’s why being safe with the help of some tips like doesn’t download a tool. Don’t provide any of the personal information like password or banking details even the tool claims that this is confirmation test. Moving further, if you use the safe tool then you can get awesome characters and players.

15 Minutes of Injustice 2 Gameplay in 1080p 60fps

Upgrading the Players and Winning

Everyone wants to win and this isn’t possible if you don’t know the method to use your character’s abilities. First of all, use the character you love and play with it. The more you will be playing the more you will be learning from this. When you are expert in this thing then try to upgrade as much you can. Every character is upgradable and if you play the matches which are given to improve your players then you can come up with good players. Avail gems with Injustice 2 cheats and use all of these in getting the best players. As you know that most of the players are locked that’s why you have to unlock with the help of chests.

In the nut shell, Injustice 2 hack plays the most important role in making you the best player. You can use this and avail resources but what about sharing with friends and siblings. This is the best way to make others happy with the help of this thing. You can generate them resources without even letting them know because all you need is their username.

FIFA 18 Hack- Beneficial For Game Players

FIFA 18 Hack- Beneficial For Game Players

The gaming industry is full of different varieties of game and levels. There are different types of games available for the entertainment of the people. People can also go for selecting the game according to their interest and preferences. When it comes to the matter of football or soccer games then no one can’t ignore the importance of FIFA 18. It is a game which is available for different types of platforms for the convenience of the users. If you also want to enjoy this interesting game then Astuce FIFA 18 is very helpful. This tool helps you to gather FIFA coins and points quickly and also in a large quantity. After this, you can easily play the game for a long time without spoiling your mood due to lack of game funds. You need to know little to play this game in a good manner. There are also many strategies and techniques which help you to win the different matches.

Positive aspects about FIFA 18 Coin generator

There are many people who are fond of playing football. Most of the time, it happens that people also don’t have enough time to play the games which also affect their mood. They can easily go for playing the online games which help them to play their favorite sport based game. When people are playing FIFA 18 then they need to know about the different strategies and techniques. In addition to this, they also need sufficient currency of the game. This is only happening with the help of FIFA 18 Coin generator which is easy to use. These generators have a lot of awesome functions which allow the users to have a great experience. You should also know about the fact that, this is an online tool. You don’t need to download such tool on your device. It also gives you relief from the unnecessary coverage of the space in your devices.

Valuable knowledge about FIFA 18 Cheats

This is an interesting game which also requires a lot of tips and tricks to win the game. If you are new to the game then surely you don’t have enough knowledge about the game. You can go for the different guides available on the internet to know better about the game. If you want to customize your team or to purchase new players then FIFA 18 Cheats is the perfect method. With the help of this, you will make more currency for your game in very less time. You also don’t need to spend more time in the game to play different matches and all. You also don’t need to spend the whole day on the game to earn more and more currency. There is also not any surety that you can collect the desired number of points and coins. This tool is also very beneficial to get the appropriate amount of Free FIFA 18 Coins for the game. By this, you can also improve your gaming experience and performance.

FIFA 18 UltimateTeam best tips

Let’s know about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Hack

If you are one of the players who is facing various problems for earning the game resources then you need to take help from the hacking resources. There are many people who are also making best possible efforts to play the game in a perfect manner.  People who are gathering the gaming resources with the help of FIFA 18 Ultimate team hack can get the best benefits in the game. You can also share this awesome tool with your friends and siblings. In this way, they can also get more benefits in their game to collect the appropriate game resources. There are many people who are playing this particular game in order to reduce their stress. They can also experience a lot of things by playing such awesome game.

Best Smartwatches -Note 8 Review

Best Smartwatches -Note 8 Review

Samsung Note-8 is found out to be the best smart phone in market these days. It has been highly liked by the users. According to a review, Samsung Note-8 owners preferably use smart watches a lot.
If You are a Samsung Note-8 user too, then you have visited just the right place to know all the available top smart watches compatible with it. Before you go for buying a smart watch; you must scrutinize all the features first of a particular smart watch.
Below is a complete list of best smart watches you can find to work with your Samsung Note-8.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic:

Let us start with smart watches offered by the Samsung. The Samsung’s gear S-series are the suitable smart watches. The Gear S3 classic was launched previous year. This smart watch is chosen by those who usually work in indoor places. It has classy look and does sufficient functions to satisfy the owner.

Huawei Smart Watches:

Huawei is the Chinese owned company; having a biggest share in market. Along-with Smart phones, laptops; Huawei Company is also producing smart watches. The recent making includes the Huawei Watch-2 and the Huawei Watch-2 Classic. These watches are considered among the best for Samsung Note-8. Huawei smart-watches are totally a modern-day watch.

Fossil Q Founder:

Fossil is well known brand of watches. This brand makes old, classy design watches with modern features. Smart watches have also been produced lately. Fossil Q Founder smart watches are amongest the best for Samsung Noete-8. The Fossil Q Founder offers a great smart-watch with a blend of elegance and stylish design. The watch displays notifications of texts, calls, emails and apps upgrading. The smart watches come with built-in microphone and speaker as well. A user can easily give commands through his voice on a watch.

Moto 360:

Moto 360 provides smart watches in the most reasonable prices for the users. The Moto 360 watch offers storage space of 4GB. It runs by a Qualcomm processor. The watch is water and dust resistant. It means you would not have to worry about your watch while bathing or swimming.

 Casio WSD-F20 Protrek:

It is a new addition within the market of best cheap smartwatch. The Casio’s smart watches are greatly liked by the customers for their durability. It comes in designs and styles that attract adventurous people. The first Casio watch to come has GPS in it. This smart watch runs by Android Wear 2.0 OS. The Casio smart-watch can function for 25 hours after a complete battery charge. The Casio smart watch is considered best for Samsung Note-8, especially when your most of the day is spent outdoors.

How to Use Smart Watches? Smartwatch Guide

How to Use Smart Watches? Smartwatch Guide

How to Use Smartwatch?

Smartwatch – Make your wrist wear a complementary accessory. Smart watches are the advanced version of typical watches. You can be notified of alerts on your wrist at anytime. A smart watch is all what you need now a days. It not only shows time but important notifications and apps as well. A smart watch manages impressive functions. It offers internet facility as well. It is utmost crucial to choose a watch that suits your desires.  Most smart watches are made to work in correspondence with your smart phones. However, others have distinct features of running various applications and making calls.

Smart watches are the new technology based inventions, readily available for your use. There is a list of varied smart watches available in market offered by different companies; like Samsung, Apple or Motorola Smart watches. Smart watches proffer many facilities. A watch with a calculator is one of the inventions of last few decades but smart watches are; well overall SMART!

Mostly the smart watches available use Android or Google’s operating system.  At the time of buying, beware of the compatibility of a watch with your cell phone. However, Apple watch is simply connected to its I-Phone only. Sadly, there are no smart watches attuned with Blackberry or Windows mobile devices.

A smart watch provides you a wide range of apps for your use at your wrist. Thus, at the time of buying make sure to check in all the available apps of a specific watch. Good battery timing is what people demand. But a watch with colorful display and running apps may last for only a day after a complete charge. You would have to connect the charger every night as you do with your cell phones; to be able to use it again the next day.

There are many smart watches that come with smart fitness features that help the runners or the exercisers to live a healthy life. Such a watch counts the footsteps, shows heart beat rate. Many others come in styles that seem similar to wrist-bands. Such watches give a stylish look to your overall appearance.

Smart watches can be quite expensive but spending a little too much money to gain best of a thing is something to be very grateful about. The Android watches are the leading ones in market providing a range of different versions of operating system. Nonetheless, Apple watches are one step ahead in offering latest and huge series of apps for the users. Make sure that while buying, you go for the stylish and latest design of a watch. As more and more advanced versions are taking over the market day by day and you wouldn’t like to wear an outdated watch.

Yellowmobile records US$66 million Q2 sales

Yellowmobile records US$66 million Q2 sales

As revealed on the 31st August, mobile service provider YellowMobile has reported Q2 sales total of US$66m which is up 533% from the same period last year.  Compared to Q1 figures, sales has grown by 38%. YellowMobile’s Q2 goals followed on from Q1 trends as they concentrated their efforts on expansion into foreign markets, and positioning itself for sector growth. The results of the 5 business streams categorised in order of magnitude are:

  • O2O $27.6m (YoY 1,620%)
  • Advertisement  and Digital Marketing $21.7m (YoY 209%)
  • Travel $7.53m (YoY 1,033%)
  • Shopping Media US$7.2m (YoY 624%)
  • Media Contents $1.55m (YoY 271%)


The business steam of O2O recorded both the highest level of business and growth, accounting for 42% of total sales. The business stream of travel also experienced significant growth.

Yellow Mobile has continued an aggressive marketing campaign that focused on their core business competencies.  During the Q2, a total of $13.8m was spent in marketing for Coocha a shopping media platform, Pikicast a mobile content platform and Tourbaksa an online travel agency.

In order to maintain their foothold in the South Asia market, the group has consolidated its leading mobile business into a regional operation for South East Asia. For advertising and marketing, the Singapore content marketing group Gushcloud has amalgamated the following companies:

  • Adyim (Thailand)
  • CleverAds (Vietnam)
  • Websosanh (Vietnam)

The O2O business department which markets healthcare and accommodation, IT/CRM, settlement and MRO the growth has been a steady continuation of Q1 trends. A key achievement for the department was Goodoc their health formation app which surpassed 2 million downloads during June.

Lee Sang Hyeok, CEO at Yellow Mobile, said “During the the first half of the year, we consistently focused on strengthening our bases for growth with belief that efforts would be rewarded later in the year”.  He added that “Yellow Mobile will present a new paradigm to the mobile market by extending its vision to build a mobile ecosystem that will expand into the all of the Asian market.”